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Death in Hot Weather

July 12, 2006

We’ve had two untimely deaths in Rabbit Hill within the week, both occurring in similar fashion. What does it mean? Well, given our small number here in the pine woods, I believe that — statistically speaking — residents of our little enclave are far more likely than the average American to get hopped up on bust-head liquor and subsequently perish in a fantastic fiery single-vehicle accident.

The first was a plumber, in a Ford Pickup, about ten at night by the river.

The second was a Jehovah’s Witness, on a motorcycle, ar dusk in my uncle’s horse pasture.

I never used the plumber and never met the Jehovah’s Witness (despite a distant familial connection) but I can’t help but identifying with both of these unfortunate souls. There’s something in a muggy July evening in Rabbit Hill that tells you there ought to be more happening. Something that begs for speed, for escape, or for self-destruction. I don’t know which one either of these men were after. I sure enough know what they caught, though.