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Calling the Law — The fate of tattle-tales in a rustic setting.

September 25, 2006

So the Deese County police came into Rabbit Hill last week and busted Julius Meeks and his crowd for some Heavy Posession of Drugs and Guns. They said it was heavy, anyway. They broke into Julius’ trailer down by Meeks’ Pocket and came out with nine hundred dollars, 200 grams of pot, 20 grams of coke, and five marijuana plants from the woods in back of the place.

It was the first time we’d seen law enforcement venture into the Meeks’ Pocket since Julius’ daddy Barton got drunk and started shooting out transformers with his deer rifle back in 2000. And by the way, if you ever want to see a show of force by law enforcement, try fucking with the infrastructure. We thought they were going to call in the national guard that night. Police were thick as flies along Pocket Road.

Nobody was particularly surprised that Julius and his boys were involved in the drug trade (again.) Since Julius’ rock band broke up in ’88 he’s not done much in the way of contributing to society  by holding down a regular job.

I’ll be honest with you.   I got no idea how to convert grams into ounces into pounds or what-have-you, but I’m assuming these boys were not high-level dealers.  I figure they were growing a little pot, and what they didn’t smoke themselves they just sold or traded for the cocaine.

Which didn’t stop the Rabbit HIll Journal from having a big writeup about the bust in the Tuesday edition, of course, this being an election year and all and Sheriff Dooley facing speculation again as to his capacity for the job, or his whereabouts in general during the average business day.

One of the newpaper reporters apparently cornered the deputy in chage that evening and asked for some quotes. Now here’s where this thing get interesting. The deputy apparently got chatty with the reporter and was quoted as saying something to the effect of “we wouldn’t have even found the plants except for the cooperation of some of the neighbors. Once they found out what we were up to, they started calling in with more information.”

Two things you need to understand about Meeks’ Pocket:

1) There are only about 7 houses down that road, and 6 of them are occupied by close friends and relations of Julius Meeks. The other one is occupied by a known asshole.

2) People in Meeks’ Pocket have been known to settle disputed by tying the offender to the back of a pickup truck and dragging him or her through the woods.

So Julius and his boys are going to sit in the Deese County Jail for the next week or two. They’re not going ot hav ea thing to think about except who it was that dropped the dime on them.

And what are they gonna do when they get out? They’re going back to the house to enjoy some cold beer, smoke a little pot, and maybe get ahold of some more recreational cocaine.

And if I was the asshole in the 7th house, I’d keep the shotguns loaded and maybe stay awake for the late late movie that night.

That means you, Clayton.