Outdoor Sports

November 6, 2006

That’s a seven-pound, ten-ounce bass, in case you were wondering. Caught by my good buddy E. at an undisclosed location in the pine woods.

E’s Bass

And not the biggest deer, but a nice way to finish off a great weekend.    Plus, there’s meat in the freezer again for the Duck clan. dave-deer-2.JPG


  1. Tip o’ the hat to you, sir. You are a true southern sportsman. That damn bass is mighty fine, too.

  2. just don’t put the head on your wall again, you weirdo.

  3. Damn. That’s a mighty fine half-headless Duck.

  4. First off… Daddy says that if he caught a fish that small he would throw it back to!! LOL Second… I love the fact that the tongue is hanging out of the deer’s mouth… classic!!

  5. At least photo shop the deer’s fucking tongue, you backwoods sicko.

    (Can I get some venison bacon?)


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