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Storytime with Duck…Short passages from great books. Part 1

February 20, 2007

Nevertheless we soon met again, but in New york City, for Lily had separated from her mother, quitted Danbury, and had a cold-water flat on Hudson Street where the drunks hid from the weather on the staircase.  I came, a great weight, a huge shadow on those stairs, with my face full of country color and booze, and yellow pigskin golves on my hands, and a ceaseless voice in my heart that sait I want, I want, I want, oh, I want — yes, go on, I said to myself, Strike, strike, strike, strike!  And I kept going on the staircase in my thick padded coat, in pigskin gloves and pigskin shoes, a pigskin wallet in my pocket, seething with lust and seething with trouble, and realizing how my gaze glittered up to the top bannister where lily had opened the door and was waiting.  Her face was round, white, and full, her eyes clear and narrowed.

“Hell!  How can you live in this stinking joint?  It stinks here,” I said.

–Saul Bellow, from Henderson the Rain King