Loose Ends — 2 Thank-Yous

March 14, 2007

Thanks to my wonderful family, with whom I spent Saturday in Raleigh, and who, much to my surprise, not only replaced my stolen ipod but gave me an upgrade! The music lives.

Also, thanks to the Wilmington Police Dept. I’m not much of a “law and order” person to be honest, and I’ll admit I cringe when I hear stories of local law enforcement doing things like, say, shooting suspects and their dogs through closed front doors. But the WPD responded quickly and acted professionally the night I was robbed. CNN was a bit slow to respond, however.

In Lieu of posting anything of substance today, I’ll refer you to my good friend the Growler, who is hot on the trail of one of the biggest celebrities in the history of all media, The Southern Sportsman.


Finally, your daily “cute kids in mouse ears” pic…this one taken seconds before my nephew’s surprise attack on my neice with the Darth Vader mask. Watching these kids play is better than pro wrestling.



  1. Stupid CNN, and their liberal bias.

  2. Boy you have a nice family. And I must say those kids are awfully cute! Must get that from their aunt.

  3. gosh they’re adorable!!!!!!!!

  4. In your nephew’s defense….I’m sure he was provoked!

  5. CNN is clearly dropping the ball.

    I’m glad you’ve got Cute Kids in Mouse Ears covered, though. Something tells me that CNN has been a bit slow on the uptake on that one, too.

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