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April 26, 2007

When I started this blog (almost a year ago I suppose) I did it for one reason and one reason alone.  So that someday (and that day is now) I could self-importantly declare myself on hiatus from my blogging responsibilities.  Did I mention that day is now?  Good.  (Cause it’s true.)  I’m taking a break from it.  Getting some space.  Rededicating my life to straight fiction and exploring my (newfound) fascination with parenthetical editorializing (a trend?) as opposed to my former standard practice of breaking sentences up — including editorializing, listing, contradicting, and pretty much any sort of qualifying — using those cute little dashes that if you put two of them together in Word and then type another word, the two dashes will turn into one big dash.  I love when that happens.   (Really, I do get a kick out of it.)

I’ll be back soon.




April 21, 2007

Killed at Virginia Tech last week: 32

Killed as a result of the Iraq war: 654,000

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