Don’t call it a comeback.

September 25, 2007

Call it a forbear of the comeback.  Call it the John the Baptist of blog posts.  In other words, you aint seen nothing yet.  In the meantime, a peace offering.  I give you crepe on a stick:

Crepe on a Stick

Cause I live fast, and my crepe must also.


  1. Well, finally! That’s one long-awaited crepe on a stick.

  2. Oh my goodness…getting excited.

  3. toaster or microwave?

  4. open flame, t.

  5. aack. why do i think of fly swatters?!

  6. The suspense is killing me. Come on….it has been a week since the announcement! People are starting to talk.

  7. oh my… I start shaking in my boots just thinking of the huge impact this will make on the world…
    what a weird idea. I guess there’s noting more to invent, if that’s all they can come up with.

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