Cleveland. Rocks.

October 8, 2007

Kim Shable is wed!

Let there be songs and feasting and the drinking of bourbon with coke and much general glad noise made!

(And if you’re ever in Aurora, Ohio, perhaps getting your deer processed, just be careful not to rile up the drama club.  Because they’re out there, walking the roadsides after dark in their matching black t-shirts, creating drama where once there was none.  Also, note to the drama club:  You might want to pick a more reflective color for your t-shirts.  Safety first.  Drama second.)

I will say this about the beautiful wedding.  I have never seen a happier groom, and I have never heard Shel Silverstein and David Sedaris read aloud during a wedding ceremony. (Both of which turned out to be magnificent selections, by the way.)

And Sunday, it was On to Cleveland!

(Above: Cleveland)

AND the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame!


(Above: Rock N Roll Hall of Fame)

Finally, an announcement:  I’m moving to Cleveland.  Two reasons.  1) To be closer to Aurora.  2) To be closer to the John Cougar Mellencamp exhibit, and to lobby for the new John Cougar Mellencamp Wing.

Yes.  John Cougar Mellencamp.  Present.  Very Professional.



  1. Another caveat:

    Do not allow someone whose sense of direction was knocked out of him sometime in the eighties to pilot your touring coach. You wind up driving to hotels in museums in sweeping circles, rather than point to point. 🙂

  2. one toke over the line.

  3. Caveat not accepted, g. Our driver was superb. We just all should have listened more to the one actual smart person who was on board. (And sorry, I’m not talking about you, t).

  4. I hope Growler was driving. He can give interviews about Microsoft Vista while piloting a sedan in Spain, so I’m sure he handled Cleveland. I wish I’d been there, for the drama and the poetry.

  5. all right. If I’m blogging again, you have to.

  6. Want more blogs! Want more blogs! Want more blogs! I know the writers are on strike…but this is ridiculous! Come on bro! I know you have material….Thanksgiving, upcoming Christmas, new job, housing search, computer upgrades, something!

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