South Carolina Politics…be ashamed.

January 16, 2008

 Why is it this kind of crap happens in SC every time and not in other states?  (Below was an editorial cartoon apparently sent to newspaper editors in SC).   Seriously, someone should be ashamed.  The good thing is, unlike GW’s dirty tactics just before the 2000 primary, surely the backlash from this can only help McCain.  I mean, nobody’s buying into this….

…are they?



  1. That’s about the lowest thing I’ve seen since Rove and the “black baby” claptrap (also a SC special).

    I think this happens in SC because it’s tradition. Campaigns go negative in SC because they know they can get away with it, get the numbers they need, and then manage the press throughout the rest of the campaign.

    If Bush’s last two elections are any indication, what happens in SC stays in SC. If only the media would hold people accountable when campaigns are connected to junk like this…

    [edit: since this didn’t actually get press time, and was only a suggested editorial by a kook, it’s been picked up by McCain’s press team and now he’s using it to make hay.]

  2. God. I am actually without words, but feeling sort of grateful to live in the Northeast.

  3. Likewise, I am feeling grateful for having survived growing up in SC.

  4. Boy, that’s just about the most class-less thing. But then again, politics are never about class.

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