Image Search: “Cell Phone Toilet”

January 30, 2008

That’s right, I did it. Maybe it was karma.  (It happened about ten minutes after I skipped out on a family obligation.)


The above is not an accurate representation. I had not yet flushed.

The bastards at Alltell made me put in a $50 deposit for the loaner. “But I have insurance,” said I, proud of my forethought.

“Great,” the clerk said. “You can get a new phone just like your old one for fifty bucks!”

“But my old one smells like poop,” I said.

“Not exactly like, then,” she said. “Minus the smell.”


On the bright side, my image search for “cell phone toilet” did bring me to the above blog, in which “McGlinich” takes requests for drawings and posts them.  Which, if I could draw, I would sooo copy that idea.

So anyway, I know I’m not the first one.

Just thought I’d share.



  1. Karma? Guess you will stick around for the “program” after the next family cookout, huh? We’ve got another one coming up in March. Be there or be…who knows…karma’s tricky!

  2. Oh, dear. Yes, I suppose it’s not worth retrieving after that. I’d ask how in hell you managed this one, but I’m guessing I do not want to know.

  3. Hand sanitizer, Duck. Hand sanitizer.

  4. phone + crapper = best picture ever. i’m printing that photo to frame and hang it on my wall.

  5. Let someone you hate make a call on your phone.

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