It’s Not Gay. We Promise! (More from the American Family Association)

March 7, 2008

“It’s Not Gay” – DVD


Make sure you get the DVD, though. Apparently, the VHS version works backwards:

Melanie (4 Stars):

I bought this film in VHS form many years ago. Then to my shock and dismay, my son, professed that he is Gay. I purchased it again in DVD form, 2, one for me and one for him. I strongly believe everyone should see this film, it is the truth about being Gay. It is very well done and very informative.

One comment

  1. Insane email – how’d you get on these lists? Great job infiltrating! (CAuse you know that’s what them gays and gay-supporters do….we infiltrate)

    Did you see this Rep. Sally Kern brouhaha?

    Check out the original video here:

    love j

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