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March 7, 2008

Hello all,

I for one don’t see anything in particular wrong with this “Day of Silence.”


I know that I saw gay kids getting picked on and bullied when I was in school. And you know, it doesn’t happen often, but sometimes that kind of behavior gets out of hand:

“This year’s Day of Silence will be held in memory of Lawrence King, who friends say was murdered in a California school February 12 because of his sexual orientation and gender expression. The event brings attention to anti-LGBT bullying, harassment and discrimination in schools. Students observe the day in silence to echo the silence LGBT and ally students face every day.”

So if you believe that God condemns homosexuality, you certainly have a right to your opinion. But please be aware that in America, any person, young or old, who wants to identify themselves as gay, has a right to do it. They even have the right to be PROUD of being gay. And maybe it’ll do your kids good to learn to RESPECT their peers in spite of any differences they may have, instead of pulling them out of school because some gay kids are going to be quiet that day.

Personally, I’ve known some gay people, and I don’t know that any of them would say that they “chose” to be gay. And in my humble opinion, every anti-gay sermon and every email like the one below hurts people needlessly. And I want no part of it.


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  1. I want to say, in all seriousness, kudos for standing up with a well-placed ‘reply-all.’ I’m so used to deleting these messages of ignorance and hate that I don’t even think to respond intelligently to them.

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