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Another Touching Easter Story

March 24, 2008


On Good Friday, one of my local state Representatives, Thomas Wright, was expelled from the state legislature during a special session. Wright has been accused of (and is under indictment for) stealing a bunch of money from his own campaign funds, among other things.

I know what you’re probably thinking. You’re thinking that this story is almost exactly like the story of Jesus!

I don’t know whether admirers spread palm leaves across the steps of the state capitol as Rep Wright ascended into the chamber, but Thomas’ lawyer (who was not going out like Peter) summed up everyone’s sentiments nicely after his client had been escorted away:

Irving Joyner, an N.C. Central University law professor and one of Wright’s attorneys, told reporters after the session that Wright would fight the decision.

“I think it’s appropriate this happened on Easter week,” Joyner said. “Like the first crucifixion, we knew we’d be betrayed, but we had to go through the steps anyway. We’ll continue to fight and will look for our resurrection.”

That’s an appropriate analogy, I think.